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Frequently Asked Questions

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There many concern and question that arise when considering your garage door. Some of the issues are in regards to maintenance, repairs, safety features, designs, material, and on and on. The information below will address some of the most asked questions regarding garage doors.

Which gauge of steel is the thickest, 25 or 24 gauge?

The thickness of steel is determined through what is called R-value. This measurement is also applied to garage door insulation. Many may naturally think that the greater the number, the thicker the steel. However, it is just the opposite. The lower the gauge reading, the thicker the steel. With that said, a gauge of 24 steel thickness is more than that of a 25 gauge.

Do I have to perform maintenance after installation?

Absolutely, you should do regular maintenance and upkeep on your door to ensure that is remains functional and safe. This should include testing the door, lubricating rollers, tracks, and other components. Your owner’s manual will provide a complete breakdown of maintenance instructions.

How do I completely lock the door when I am away?

You garage door should have a sliding bolt locking component. This is usually on both ends of the door. Slide the bolt into the slot provided and secure. When this is done, make sure that you do not attempt to open the door using the overheard garage door opener. Many industry openers automatically come with a type of switch that can be activated when you plan to be away for an extended amount of time.

When should I get a new door?

It is quite obvious that if your garage door is sticking, stopping, scrubbing, or not working at all, a new one may not be a bad idea. Many of the components that malfunction can be repaired, adjusted or replaced. However, if your door has substantial damage such as a bent garage door frame, a new door would probably suit you best. The fool proof way to determine if you need a new one or not,is to contact any garage door company in Redondo Beach for a professional opinion.

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