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Here is a list of the best answers to the most frequently asked questions about garage doors and their maintenance.

Are garage doors expensive?

Garage door prices are determined by the size of the door and whether it is insulated, the quality of material and all garage door parts and decorative options. The price will also depend on the choice of garage door openers according to Garage Door Repair Redondo Beach.

How do I know when it's time for maintenance?

Garage door maintenance is good to take place twice every year but the frequency will also depend on its condition and age. If you hear strange sounds or notice that the door moves at a slower pace, it's good to maintain the whole system.

How can I protect my family from accidents?

Your family will be protected from the garage door only if you maintain the mechanism often and fix damages right away. You must check the sensors very often, make sure nobody stands under open overhead doors and the children do not play with remote controls. Don't forget that the garage door is just a machine.

Can a broken spring cause the door to hang on one side?

No, it cannot. The specialists of our garage door company in Redondo Beach explain that even when one of the two springs breaks, the safety cable running through it will hold the door in place. This issue can occur when there is a broken lift cable no matter whether an extension or torsion spring system is used.

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